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YIXUAN FITNESS Revolving 48" Solid LAT Bar Double Hook, Functional Trainer Dual Cable Machine Attachment

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  • YIXUAN FITNESS lat bar double hook allows attaches to your multi functional trainer, dual cable machine and smith machine.
  • Made of high-quality 25mm diameter steel solid round rod, chrome finish prevents the bar from oxidation.
  • A total of four knurl-textured rubber grips, provides a stronger grip, allow perform wide and narrow grip lat pull downs with the YIXUAN FITNESS Lat Bar.
  • Two 360° revolving hanger allows full range of motion during exercises, eyelet universal attachment that makes it compatible with most cable machines.
  • YIXUAN FITNESS bars length 48 inches, net weight 11 lbs (5.2kg).

Details: YIXUAN FITNESS lat bar double hook 48" made from 1 inch diameter steel solid round rod, maximum load capacity of 800 pounds, unique double hook allows you to use your functional trainer dual weight stacks, by attaching the Double Hook – Lat Bar to both weight stacks of the functional trainer, you can use both stacks simultaneously for a smooth, unilateral movement. Specification: Long: 48 inches (120cm) Weight: 11 lbs (5.2kg) Spacing between two hooks: 7.8 inches (20cm)

EAN: 0791514002238