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Xjus Micronized L-Glutamine, Maintain Muscle Mass, Supplements Natural Glutamine, GMO Free, Kosher, No Filler Ingredients, 60 Servings

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Brand: Xjus

Color: White


  • Provide your body with necessary protein without sacrificing muscle mass with Xjus Micronized Glutamine! This amino acid is essential for maintaining cell health, so supplementing natural production prevents your body from losing muscle mass.
  • Xjus Glutamine is most effective when used prior to and after a exercise, and before sleeping. It's used by the body to provide nitrogen and carbon to cells, and to build more complex necessary chemical chains, like sugar.
  • Mix 1 scoop into 8 to 12 oz of your favorite non-caffeinated cold beverage. For best results, use 3 servings each day, before and after exercise and right before going to bed. The Xjus formulation is designed to be unflavored.
  • Xjus Glutamine can be easily combined with other supplements to create your ideal workout regimen. Check out our storefront for other great Xjus products to maximize your workout experience. It also stacks well with Arginine-HCl.
  • Make sure to store all powdered supplements in tightly sealed containers in a cool, dry location (60°F - 80°F). Product will settle over time and may clump, so make sure to stir prior to scooping in order to obtain the most accurate dose.

Part Number: XGLT-300

Details: Adding L-Glutamine to your workout regimen not only helps prevent loss of muscle, but helps to increase mass and give you the built look you've been working for! As an essential amino acid, it's an integral part of your daily regimen to make sure all your hard work doesn't disappear overnight. Instead of breaking down your muscles, your body can use the additional Glutamine to convert to nitrogen and carbon and energize your cells. It also helps to make your body use energy more efficiently. All this means you can keep your workout intensity at an even level, which in turn yields consistent results in a shorter time frame.

For best results, use three servings per day, pre- and post-workout and before bed. Mix 1 scoop with your favorite cold beverage. Xjus Glutamine is micronized for easy blending and fast absorption, and our unflavored Glutamine has almost no taste, so the powder flavor won't interfere with your enjoyment of your favorite drink.

Xjus provides pure, clean, and safe nutritional supplements, so you can be confident with choosing the right fuel for your body. All Xjus supplements are sourced from 100% natural, raw ingredients thoroughly tested for purity and quality, and produced in FDA approved facilities in the USA.

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