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Titan Fitness

Titan Fitness H-PND Rack Mounted X-2 X-3 T-3 Titan Racks Glutes Calves Hamstring

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Brand: Titan Fitness


  • COMPATIBLE WITH MOST TITAN RACKS: The Rack Mounted HPND installs on our X3 and TITAN Series power racks (with 3 x 3 tubing). Each device also comes with a compatibility plate which allows for installation and use on our T3 and X2 Series power racks (with 2 x 3 tubing) as well.
  • GREAT FOR STRENGTH TRAINING: To improve your physique, youll need to introduce new exercises into your fitness regime. With the Titan Rack Mounted HPND, you can perform a variety of workouts that will help you overcome your plateau.
  • BUILD MUSCLE: Tighten and tone your muscles with the Titan HPND. This machine allows you to target your lower back, glutes, legs, hamstrings, and calves, helping you to develop a lean, muscular build. Use the machine for crosstraining, strength training, and weightlifting. In no time, youll achieve the body youve always dreamed of.
  • STURDY STEEL CONSTRUCTION: The Rack Mounted HPND is built with a heavyduty, highquality steel frame. Its designed for longterm use, and is constructed for maximum dependability for years to come.
  • EASY ASSEMBLY: Setting up your RackMounted HPND is incredibly simple. It comes with all the essential hardware for easy and intuitive installation, use the pinaction design to slide the HPND onto your rack, and you're all set! With your purchase, youll get 2 spring collars and a strap.

Part Number: RMHPND31

Details: Reinforce your back and maximize lower body strength with the Titan Fitness Rack Mounted H-PND. Designed to fit our X-2, X-3, T-3, and TITAN Series power racks " the simple and easy installation allows you to get started on your lower back, glutes, legs, hamstrings, and calves. With the Rack Mountable H-PND, you can practice cross-training, strength training, and It's perfect for hyperextensions, which tone your glutes and hamstrings. Hyperextensions can also help increase the flexibility of your hips. Furthermore, you can use the machine to do pull-throughs and single-arm rows. Built with dependable steel, the Rack Mounted H-PND will remain tough and dependable for years to come. The Rack Mounted H-PND is easy to install you'll receive all the hardware you'll need to set up your machine. You'll also receive 2 spring collars and a strap with your order. Add this machine to your workout arsenal today, and start taking full advantage of your power rack's potential.FEATURES:- Fits the T-3, X-2, X-3, and TITAN Series power racks- Additional insert allows compatibility with X-2 and T-3 series- Comes with two Titan Spring Clip Collars- Removable pad for easy transportation / installation- Greaseable zerks on the anchor- Titan Laser Cut Logo- Loadable Sleeve Length: 10"- Sleeve Diameter: 2"- Handle adjusts length at 8 holes, with 2" spacing- Handle adjusts length 2 1/2" to 16" from pad- Anchor adjusts length at 14 holes, with 2" spacingSPECIFICATIONS:- Total depth: 43"- Total width: 47 1/2"- Total height (anchor to ): 34"- Total weight: 120 LB- Pad Dimensions: 34" x 26"- Pad thickness: 2 1/2"- Grip length: 6"- Grip diameter: 1 1/4"- Anchor length: 28 3/4

EAN: 0840009203169