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SD G7 27.5 Inch Adult Folding Bike Steel Frame 3 Spoke Wheel Mechanical Disc Brake 21 Speed Gears Full Suspension Foldable Bicycle Mountain Bike ArmyGreen

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Color: 3 Spoke Wheel Armygreen


  • Eurobike bicycle have been selling well in North America for several years. With high quality and low price, it is a nice choice for you to buy the bicycle.
  • 18 inch full suspension folding mountain bike perfectly combines the characteristics of easy carrying and multi terrain riding of the folding bike, which solves your problem of choosing bicycle.
  • The high-carbon steel frame is durable and bearing capacity. The 21 speed gear system is easy to operate. Dual disc brakes provide you with more effective braking and braking effect.
  • There is two types of wheels which has muti spoke double alloy wheel and 3-spoke mag wheel for you to choose, bring you different riding style.
  • The bicycle is 85% preassembled, you need to install the front fork, front wheel, handlebar, seat and pedal under the guidance of instructions and then air up the tire. It is easy for you to finish it in 30 minutes.

model number: SDG7

Details: Item details: Suggested adult user's height range for 5’4” to 6’1” The max load capacity is 150kgs/330lbs The item weight: regular wheel 18kgs/39.6lbs 3 spoke wheel 21kgs/46.5lbs Shipping weight: regular wheel: 21kgs/46.2lbs 3 spoke: :23kgs/51lbs Shipping box size: 141*20*70cm/56*8*28in The bike package box included: bike*1, assemble instruction*1, tools kit*1, seat*1, pedal*1. NOTICES: Installation steps of pedals: Before installing the pedal, please be sure to distinguish the left side from the right side, thread direction “L "and" R " is not the same, so be sure to distinguish left and right side. You can apply a little grease on the thread of the pedal which can effectively prevent the noise when you are riding. First install the right foot pedal, initially tighten the pedal clockwise by hand to ensure that the pedal thread and the crank bite position are correct, and then use tools to tighten it. Then the way of installation the left pedal is not same as those of the right side. Tighten the foot pedal by hand anticlockwise, and then tighten it with tools to ensure the tightening force and prevent the danger caused by the loose pedal. Installation of front wheels: Before installation, please ensure that the brake is on the left side of the bicycle and the rear wheel is aligned. And the wheel is located at the center depot of the front fork. After installation, please adjust to make the wheel and handlebar perpendicularly, and the bikes body is in a straight line. And then tighten it using the spanner to finish the installation. Because of the transportation regulations, our bike tube need to be inflated after you receive it At the first time, you can't inflate it too much at one time to avoid tire burst. Thank you very much for your support and trust.

Package Dimensions: 56.0 x 28.0 x 8.0 inches