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SCHUCK Bicycle Conversion kit, 36V 500W Front Wheel brushless gearless hub Motor, with S810 Display, 26inch Conversion kit

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  • Modification Is Simple: you only need to remove your original wheels and install our conversion kit. After connecting the battery, it can work normally. The whole process only takes a few hours. Even people who are not familiar with equipment modification can enjoy the fun of modification.
  • Cost-effective: high-quality conversion kit, quality is guaranteed; compared to buying an electric car, the conversion kit needs to be much cheaper.
  • Timeliness Guarantee: Our shop participates in the Amazon logistics service, and you can receive our same high-quality products in a shorter time.
  • Battery: Lithium battery is not included in our conversion kit. If you need it, you need to purchase it separately. If you have your own lithium battery, you need to pay attention that the voltage of the lithium battery is consistent with the voltage of the motor. Too high or too low voltage will trigger the low voltage protection of our controller, making the bicycle unable to work normally.
  • Tires: Our conversion kit does not include inner and outer tires. The conversion kit is suitable for P25D 26inch*1.75-2.125 tires.

Details: When you find that the product is damaged due to logistics after receiving the goods, please do not refund immediately. Please contact our store customer service and explain the damaged parts and we will send you new parts for free.About that product:This conversion kit uses the Jiannuo control system, please do not change the controller and display privately, if you want to change, please contact our customer service store first, we will recommend matching products for you.If you encounter any problems, please contact my store customer service first.If your kit has been used for some time and suddenly stops working, please do not rush to return it. It may be that your motor plug is immersed in water. Unplug the plug and check and dry it. Plug it back in and it will work normally.The package contains:1) 36V 500W brushless geared front wheel motor rim 26 inch x12) Jiannuo 22A controller x13) Jiannuo S810 display x14) Thumb throttle x15) 115PDD electronic brake x16) PAS sensor x17)Troque arm x18) Gift controller bag x1Installation:We will include an installation manual in the conversion kit. Please follow the manual. You can also contact the customer service of our store, we will provide more detailed installation videos.During the installation process, the machine needs to be connected correctly and firmly to make the product work normally. If it is incorrect during the installation process, the product will not work properly.Common problem:(1) You must ensure that the connecting machine between the motor and the controller is firmly connected.(2) The installation distance of the pedal assist device is about 5mm.(3) Ensure that the inner core of each plug is not damaged/broken/bent.

EAN: 8711427592710

Package Dimensions: 23.4 x 23.0 x 9.5 inches