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SaltStick Race Ready Caps Plus, Informed Sport Certified Electrolyte Replacement Capsules with Caffeine & Sodium Citrate to Reduce Heat Stress, Muscle Cramping and Maintain Electrolyte Levels, 100-CT

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Author: Toker Engineering LLC

Brand: SaltStick

Color: White


  • Built for elite performance, SaltStick Race Ready Caps Plus provide a similar ratio of electrolytes to what your body loses through sweat, helping minimize heat stress and muscle cramping due to dehydration
  • SaltStick Race Ready products are certified through Informed Sport, meaning every batch is tested for banned substances to provide athletes the highest level of assurance
  • SaltStick Race Ready Caps Plus have been used by World Champions and are ideal for athletes competing at all levels
  • Each vegetarian capsule contains: 190 mg sodium, 53 mg potassium, 14 mg calcium, 7 mg magnesium, 30 mg caffeine, as well as 100 IU Vitamin D to help the body absorb and utilize calcium
  • Contains 30 mg caffeine per capsule as a legal ergogenic boost, as well as 810 mg sodium citrate to help reduce stomach discomfort

Release Date: 17-05-2012

model number: 7201333

Part Number: CAPSPLUS02-0030

Details: SaltStick Caps Plus have been formulated to provide electrolytes to help minimize heat stress and muscle cramping due to perspiration, in a quantity and form which your body can absorb. This product is ideal for athletes, outdoor workers, or for use in hot conditions. Two SaltStick Caps Plus in an hour equate to 380 mg sodium, 106 mg potassium, 28 mg calcium, and 14 mg magnesium per hour, which is the ideal ratio to keep you moving. In addition, SaltStick Caps Plus contains 30 mg caffeine per capsule to keep you energized, and sodium citrate which helps soothe the stomach and provides absorbable sodium.

EAN: 0792217567642

Package Dimensions: 4.8 x 2.8 x 2.8 inches