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Revvies Extra Strength Energy Strips | Cola Lemon | 15 Strips | 100mg Caffeine Strip | 1 Strip = 1.25 x Energy Drink | Less Than 2 Calories | Vegan | 3 x 5PK

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Brand: Revvies


  • PRECISION PERFORMANCE BOOST - Revvies strips are used by all levels of athletes from park runners to elites and pro teams, including 50km World Champion, Aly Dixon, British Marathon No. 1 Charlotte Purdue and Aussie Dual Eloise Wellings. Unlike caffeinated candy, drinks or gels Revvies allows you to get a faster, easier on the stomach boost, separately from your hydration and fuelling, allowing you to adjust each for effort, duration, course difficulty & weather conditions.
  • FAST – Revvies dissolve on the tongue in seconds allowing sublingual absorption, unlike caffeinated gums there's no need to chew for 5-20 minutes or sticky water to dispose of when you're done. Users feel the benefits within 5 minutes rather than 45-60 minutes for caffeinated drinks, energy gels or caffeine tablets to reach their peak.
  • EASY ON THE STOMACH - Because Revvies can be taken without water, and the caffeine is released in the mouth, they are much lighter on the stomach than energy drinks, energy gels and caffeine tablets, plus there is not liquid to slosh around as you run, ride, play or workout.
  • CONVENIENT - Revvies small, light format makes them easy to carry or stash in any pocket, purse, gym bag, desk draw or car glovebox. Each strip is individually wrapped in a waterproof laminate to ensure no matter how harsh the conditions you can rely on Revvies to deliver when you need it.
  • 100MG CAFFEINE, GLUTEN-FREE AND VEGAN - Revvies Extra Strength strips contain 100mg of caffeine and are less than two calories. So unlike sugary energy drinks or gels, there's no chance of a sugar crash after the initial boost. They are also Gluten-free and suitable for Vegans.

Part Number: 19096

Details: Revvies delicious Cola Lemon Extra Strength strips contain 100mg of caffeine each and are designed for those needing a bigger hit. Revvies Extra Strength Strips are great for all levels of athletes, from Olympians to those just starting their fitness journey. And unlike pre-workout drinks, caffeine tablets, energy gels, chews or energy drinks, Revvies work in just 2-5 minutes, because they dissolve on the tongue, rather than being absorbed through the gut (which takes 45-60 minutes). This and the fact there is no liquid to slosh around whilst exercising is why so many people are swapping their morning pre run or workout drink to Revvies strips. Because Revvies are designed to deliver you with an almost instant physical and mental boost, they are also great on a busy workday when you need a quick energy boost to keep you focused and alert. Revvies Extra Strength strips are less than 2 calories, so won’t undo your good work, if you’re trying to lose or maintain your weight. And with more than 80% of people exercising for less than 90 minutes per session there is normally no need for additional calories to perform at your best. Revvies are accredited through the Informed-Sport quality assurance program, meaning that every batch is independently tested for WADA banned substances, ensuring the product’s safety and purity, and providing you with peace of mind. Our strips are also gluten free, vegan and fit any pocket, so you’ll always have one to hand when you need a boost

EAN: 9421903113375

Package Dimensions: 4.2 x 4.0 x 0.3 inches