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Portable-Power-Station-Generator - 300Wh Backup Battery 300W(500W Peak) Pure Sine Wave AC Outlet Built-in DC Output, DC interface 2 USB and 1 Type-C Output comes with car charger and DC cable

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Brand: superallure

Color: ‎Black, Orange


  • Portable power station has a battery capacity of 300Wh and uses a high energy density lithium battery composed of ternary lithium. The energy density is greater than other materials. More compact size but can store more power. And the performance of this material makes it can still work in a certain degree of low temperature environment.
  • Portable power station uses a scientific functional module design, separating the power on button/DC button/AC button to reduce the interference between each other output can stable and efficient. It has multiple built-in intelligent protection chips, such as Over-Power Pratection, High/Low-Temperature Protection, Over-Current/Over-Voltoge Protection, Short-Circuit Protection, Under-Voltoge protection, Overcharge/Over-discharge protection, Anti-Reverse Polarity Protection and other sixteen protection functions, which can filter a variety of potential hazards. And the housing is made of flame retardant and fireproof material. Our aim is to always put the safety of our customers first.
  • Generator can be charged quickly with the included AC fast charger, which can charge the product from 20% to 80% in only about 3 hours. It also supports charging with the car charger. You can use the included car charger to connect to the DC port on your car and connect one end to the DC input of the generator, and you can charge this generator in your car. This way, you don't have to worry about the remaining battery power even if you don't have the convenience of charging on a long trip. Add more convenience to your long-distance travel.
  • Generator is feature-rich with multiple output ports: 2 USB outputs supporting QC3.0 fast charging, a Type-C output for PD30W fast charging, a Car charger output for 100W power, a 12V5A (Max) DC output, a 300W (500W Peak) Sine Wave AC outlet. These interfaces can meet the power supply of a very large number of devices on the market. Even in the event of a power outage is no longer a concern, the product also comes with a camping light, a generator in hand to make your camping and other outdoor activities more relaxed.
  • Portable power station has a precise dynamic display screen, real-time display of a series of parameters of the product, will monitor the remaining power, current, voltage, output power and other parameters. Some of the protection will be directly reflected in the display. Let you more clearly understand the current state of the product. A series of data transparent, intuitive, allowing customers to better control the use of Portable power station.

model number: Super 300 pro Max

Part Number: No

Package Dimensions: 11.4 x 11.2 x 8.1 inches