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Portable Power Station 300W, Egretech Plume 300W 260Wh Solar Generator with 100W PD, Up to 6 Devices & 500W Power Output, Outdoor Power Station with LED Light for Camping/Home Use/Emergency

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Brand: Egretech

Color: 300W Power Station


  • 【Compact and Slim Design】Egretech Portable Power Station breaks the bulky shape of traditional outdoor solar generators and offers a more compact and slim design. It's 70% smaller than its counterpart, with a footprint that's 1/3 smaller than an A4 sheet, making it extremely easy to take and fit in your backpack like a book. The lightweight battery pack is 40% lighter than its sibling, making it ideal for men, women, and children to take on the go and reduce the burden of travel.
  • 【Different Ports for Multiple Devices】Egretech Plume 300W has 6 output ports: AC port*1, Type-C ports*2, USB-A ports*2, and DC port*1, which can connect up to 6 devices at once with a maximum of 500W output. One of the Type-C ports can provide up to 100W input and output, which can fast charging the laptop, perfect for laptop office workers.
  • 【Support Charge and Discharge simultaneously】It can be used in a variety of scenarios such as to power cameras and drones when traveling outdoors; rice cookers and electric stoves in RV camping; mobile phones and laptops in the office, and it's a perfect choice for backup power.
  • 【Abundant Accessories】1) Provide 3 ways to carry: The accessory includes a leather hand strap and an adjustable shoulder strap, which can be converted into a shoulder bag by attaching the shoulder straps on both sides of the power station, freeing your hands and travel in style. 2) Provide 4 charging methods: 1. 100W PD Type-C super fast charging, fully recharged in 3-4 hours. 2. DC port charging: charging by the adapter, car charger, and solar panel. (Note: solar panels SOLD SEPARATELY.)
  • 【22% Solar Charging Efficiency】Egretech power station can be paired with solar panels for flexible recharging and enjoying green energy anytime, anywhere. Equipped with an intelligent MPPT dynamic solar input algorithm, it can better adapt to solar charging scenarios in different light conditions, which contributes to maximizing charging efficiency, with a 22% increase in comprehensive working conditions compared to MPPT static charging efficiency.
  • 【Multiple Safety Measures】 Has an advanced BMS protection function that can monitor voltage, current, and temperature. The main switch/AC switch is controlled independently to maximize safety. It is equipped with an intelligent LCD digital display screen, which can check the status of the power supply in real-time. And the power storage has its own LED light, and there are 6 LED cycle modes (including SOS mode), which can provide help in case of emergency.

model number: Plume 300W

Part Number: Plume 300W

Package Dimensions: 11.5 x 8.7 x 5.2 inches