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novi Power Rack, Profession Multifunction Home Smith Machine Adjustable Power Racks Weightlifting(with Sleeve)

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Brand: novi


  • [Heavy Power Rack Cage] This cage can be used with your barbell, weight board, rope and bench to add a variety of whole body core exercises to your strength training
  • [Safety and stability of the power cage] The power cage provides higher stability and durability and can last for several years to withstand hard exercise and use
  • [Adjustable height] The sturdy and adjustable safety bar provides a comprehensive and higher level of protection during heavy-load intensity training
  • [Multi-handle pull-up bow] This bow is very suitable for traditional, neutral, close-up or wide-handle pull-up. The crossbar is fixed by pins and can be moved
  • [Look at other fitness products in the shop] The shop can easily equip your power frame with an adjustable bench and provide other exercise methods. The power rack is a great addition to your home gym

Binding: Kitchen

Part Number: novii

Details: Health and fitness through sunshine The power cage is a large weight cage. It is an effective tool and can provide a powerful force for your strength training. Lifting weightlifters, squatting, flexing trap muscles or kidnappers; this home fitness power rack (with a maximum weight of 1,000 pounds) can help you make significant progress! Whether you want to focus on slow or fast twitch muscles, it has enough versatility to provide a comprehensive overall exercise experience. Electric bar Stable and grounded Adjustability and versatility Diagonal rod The upper rod is adjustable, reversible, has 4 different positions, and the tilt angle can be used for wide and narrow grip pull-ups. Stable and grounded Use the included safety clip to store additional weight plates for added stability and peace of mind. It can also be fixed with bolts to establish a firm and stable foundation. *Before using the resistance band pin, the power supply cage must be fixed on the floor. Textured grip The knurled texture grip on the pull-up bar provides extra grip and prevents hand slippage. Multipurpose Add a weight bench for bench press, mine attachment or other various attachments to form a comprehensive strength training power cage home gym.

EAN: 6423292251112