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Nenekal Electric Transparent Gear Train Toy with Flashing Lights and Music, 360 Rotation, Battery Operated Bump and Go Car Toddler Toys, Multicolored, for Boys Girls 3+

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Color: Multicolored

Edition: Train


  • šŸš‚ [FASCINATING TRANSPARENT AND GEARS] Keep toddlers fascinated with the transparent gear train, watch gears move, with lights and sound. This vehicle will move around the floor, gears move, smoke stacks move, and diamond lights move. Randomly the train will stop and spin in place, then continue movement.
  • šŸš‚ [COLORFUL LIGHTS AND MUSIC] The transparent gear train lights up and plays music while in motion.
  • šŸš‚ [BUMP AND GO TECHNOLOGY] The vehicle will bump into objects on the floor and change direction, always moving and always changing direction.
  • šŸš‚ [360 ROTATION] The gear train will stop periodically and spin around in place then continue on it's route.
  • šŸš‚ [MULTIPLE MODES] The transparent gear train toy has 2 play modes, one is the "Lights Mode"; another one is the "Music/Lights Mode". The modes can be switched easily by just pushing the on/ off switch.

Part Number: YJ3034

Details: Transparent bump and go car for Toddlers 3+ The Nenekal Transparent Gear Train is the perfect toy to entertain your toddler for hours. This amazing toy features gears that move and light up with music and sound effects, providing visual and auditory stimulation for your child's development. The train moves around the floor, and the gears turn with colorful lights, while the bump-and-go technology allows it to change direction when it hits an obstacle, adding surprise and excitement to playtime. With two modes of play, your child can enjoy this toy in different ways. The music mode plays cheerful melodies, while the sound effect mode includes realistic train sounds. This feature provides variety, prolonging your child's interest and engagement. The Nenekal Transparent Gear Train is easy to operate and the perfect gift for any toddler 3+. Order now and give your child the gift of imaginative playtime with the transparent gear car!

Package Dimensions: 7.4 x 4.5 x 3.8 inches