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Natural Nutra

Natural Nutra L Glutamine 500 mg Capsules, BCAAs Amino Acids Supplement, Essential Muscle Builder, Recovery and Repair, Supports Memory, Focus, Brain and Gastrointestinal Health, 50 Capsules

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Brand: Natural Nutra


  • EFFECTIVELY ACCELERATE MUSCLE RECOVERY AND RELIEVE STIFFNESS AND SORENESS- Amino acids are needed by the body to rebuild and repair tissues, muscles, blood proteins and cell enzymes. L Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid found in muscle. Our L-Glutamine formula is an effective muscle recovery supplement as it reduces stiffness and soreness and gives your body the material it needs to accelerate muscle repair and recovery. Take daily to speed up workout recovery.
  • SUPPORTS HEALTHY DIGESTIVE FUNCTIONING AND PROMOTES BRAIN HEALTH- L-Glutamine is a primary fuel that your stomach uses to repair the lining of your digestive tract and so, our pure Glutamine supplements also assists in maintaining a healthy digestive tract. Our body utilizes L-Glutamine and converts it into glutamic acid to support cerebral functioning. Hence, our L Glutamine supplement also helps to promote optimal brain functioning and boost memory and focus.
  • GUARANTEED PURITY IN BPA FREE, RECYCLABLE GLASS BOTTLES- Cheap plastic bottles are harmful to the environment and your health. We seal your supplements in non-polluting amber glass bottles with heat-sealed sleeves and best by dates to ensure the safest and purest product available. Unlike some other supplement manufacturers, our bottles are fully recyclable. Each bottle contains 50 capsules that are easy to swallow and Gluten Free.
  • WHY CHOOSE NATURAL NUTRA AS YOUR SUPPLEMENT SOURCE- Natural Nutra was established with one mission in mind; to provide the highest quality, all-natural supplements using only non polluting and socially responsible methods. Our products are proudly manufactured in the USA, are backed by extensive research and contain exactly what is presented on our labels.
  • BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE - When you get product from Natural Nutra you’re not just buying a product, you’re igniting change. As supporters of social responsibility and sustainability, we donate a portion of proceeds towards employing villagers to plant trees in heavily deforested regions around the world.

Binding: Health and Beauty

Part Number: 737005000

Details: An essential amino acid that enhances athletic performance and reduces recovery time. Prevents ulceration and other digestive problems. Enhances brain function by boosting memory, improving attention span, and concentration. Your body needs L-Glutamine to maintain good health. Serious athletes need to increase their regular intake of L-Glutamine for workout recovery because they suffer more muscle tears. If you are a weight lifter, body builder, sprinter, or do frequent strength training, you’ll get serious benefits from L-Glutamine supplements. Unlike L-Glutamine powder which is difficult to take on an empty stomach, our capsules are easy to take at your convenience. Natural Nutra offers a premium quality L-Glutamine supplement which is gluten free. There are no artificial colorings, flavorings, preservatives, wheat, milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, crustacean shellfish or fish. Since 1924, our manufacturing facility has promoted natural health and wellness with scientifically-based formulas and premium ingredients. Here’s why they are best in class: NPA Awarded Diamond Manufacture Organic products certified by the Quality Assurance International (QAI) GMP Certified before it was mandated Support Friend of the Sea and Fair Trade Organizations Member of the Natural Products Association and the Organic Trade Association Our Commitment We donate a portion our sales to Vitamin Angels to provide nutritional support for mothers and children in at-risk populations, and support the Green Initiative, which promotes recycling, less waste generation, and eco-friendly community education. Try Our Vitamins Risk-Free We offer a 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee and free shipping on orders of $49 or more. Want to experience the best L-Glutamine supplement available? Scroll up and click Add to Cart now!

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