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milKit Tubeless Tire Conversion Kit - Bike Tubeless Setup Kit - Sealant Bottle - Sealant Injector - Rim Tape - Valves Pack - Presta Valve Core Removal Tool (45-32)

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Brand: milKit


  • EASY INSTALLATION Add sealant after inflating the tire without creating a mess - milKit valves retain the air in the tire without the valve core installed. Our tubeless tire conversion kit makes converting to tubeless easy!
  • HASSLE FREE MAINTENANCE Measure, change and top up sealant while maintaining air pressure in the tire.
  • NO MORE CLOGGING Our patented rubber flaps valve technology prevents the sealant from clogging the valve.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH MOST COMMON RIMS Our tubeless setup kit can be used for most common rims, including road, gravel and MTB tubeless wheels.
  • COMPLETE NO-MESS CONVERSION KIT Contains 2x 45mm milKit valves, 1x measuring and refilling syringe, 1x additional needle for syringe filling, 1x milKit sealant bottle 250ml/8oz, 1x 10m tubeless rim tape, 1x valve core tool, 2x milKit rim stickers, 1x User manual.

Binding: Sports

model number: DK45-21-25-29-32

Part Number: DK45-21-25-29-32

Details: πŸš΄β€β™€β€ The milKit tubeless conversion kit is your one-stop-solution for converting your mountain bike, gravel or road bike to tubeless tires. The milKit tubeless conversion kit makes converting your conventional tire set-up to tubeless quick, easy and clean. Welcome to no-mess tubeless! πŸš΄β€β™€β€ The milKit tubeless conversion kit contains our patented milKit tubeless valves as well as our measuring and refilling syringe, providing you with the professional tools for a hassle-free and quick conversion to tubeless tires. With the milKit tubeless conversion kit, you can install tubeless tires dry, then add sealant and reinflate. πŸš΄β€β™€β€ With milKit valves you can remove the valve core and your tire will stay inflated thanks to our valves’ smart rubber flaps. The valves fit into all common rims, including road, gravel and mountain bike tubeless wheels. πŸš΄β€β™€β€ The milKit measuring and refilling syringe holds 60ml or 2 oz of fluid and comes with a flexible connector and a large needle to push through the valve and rubber flaps. There’s also a sealant regulator that screws into the syringe for easy measuring and refilling. πŸ’‘ You can add sealant using the milKit measuring and refilling syringe. This gives you an accurate measurement of sealant, and it's completely mess free for installation, maintenance or repair. Our milKit tubeless conversion kit contains the following: -1x milKit sealant bottle 250β€Šmlβ€Š/β€Š8β€Šoz -1x milKit compact syringe system -2x 45β€Šmm milKit Aluminium tubeless valves -1x 10β€Šm tubeless rim tape -1x additional needle for syringe filling -1x valve core tool

EAN: 7640174460427

Package Dimensions: 11.9 x 4.6 x 2.2 inches