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Matcha Green Tea Powder – Organic 80% Decaf Ceremonial Grade – Low Caffeine - Sugar Free – USDA Certified Authentic Japanese Origin – Ideal for Latte Smoothie Baking – Value Size 3.5oz 100g

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  • CEREMONIAL MATCHA TEA POWDER – The result of Japanese Production from Uji, Kyoto, our matcha green tea powder boasts higher nutritional value & antioxidant content and is no ordinary culinary grade matcha but superior 80% DECAFFEINATED ORGANIC CEREMONIAL grade. This matcha powder is suitable: to SIP as matcha tea and to use for CULINARY purposes. Comes in a Value Size 100g package!
  • 80% DECAF MATCHA TEA POWDER– Organic LOW CAFFEINE matcha powder is ideal for making SUGAR FREE matcha BEVERAGES & decaf matcha tea drinks as LATTES, smoothies & shakes. This superior decaf ceremonial matcha is suitable for BAKING.
  • IS OUR MATCHA GREEN TEA POWDER 80% decaffeinated? - Our premium matcha powder is finely ground, and the natural WATER DECAF PROCESS is so much better than the chemical processes used by other brands. Made from USDA certified ORGANIC leaves, our matcha tea is 80% NATURAL with decaffeinated content.
  • ANTIOXIDANT MATCHA POWDER – Our organic Japanese matcha powder is an ideal ANTIOXIDANT drink, it gives you real ENERGY.

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Details: Teaxactly is an online health food store that offers organic food and beverages. One of the first and most important products we pay attention to is Matcha Green Tea Powder. It is considered to be best green tea and best matcha tea grade. Organic matcha powder is shade grown and organically ground in Kyoto, Japan.We currently offer 3 grades of organic matcha green tea:Ceremonial Grade Matcha- when you drink our matcha powder, you ingest the entire leaf and receive 100% of the nutrients of the leaf;- our organic green tea has 137 times more antioxidants than regularly brewed green tea;- 1 cup of our ceremonial matcha = 10 cups of regularly brewed green tea in terms of nutritional content.Low Caffeine Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder - our excellent quality 80% decaf Japanese green tea matcha is finely ground and the natural water decaf process is so much better than the chemical processes used by other brands;- matcha latte is the best tasting recipe for our 80% decaf matcha ceremonial grade.Culinary Grade Matcha- our culinary matcha is of the highest grades of organic culinary organic matcha; - full of natural ingredients, our culinary green tea matcha offers a great variety of health benefits;- organic culinary powder is perfect for cooking, baking, and mixing into lattes, smoothies, and shakes.Around the Clock with Matcha Green Tea Powder:- after waking up, it boosts your metabolism and gives you a morning detox;- during your lunch break, it decreases stress and boosts your creativity;- while exercising in the evening, it gives your body a boost of energy;- before going to bed, it calms your mind and relaxes your body.

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