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LAUNCH X431 PROS V (Same Function as X431 V+) 2022 OE-Level Bi-Directional Scan Tool,AutoAuth for FCA SGW,150+ car brand Diagnostic Tool,Key Programmer,Online Coding,Variant Coding,Full System Scanner

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  • 🎁【Extra Saving-Free TPMS Tool & Basic OBD2 Scanner CR319 】 We offer a FREE CR319 Scan Tool valued at $25.99 and Launch TPMS TOOL valued at $15.99 to encourage all of you to try this 2022 newest bidirectional scan tool X431 PROS V. Just click "Extra Saving" under price and add both to your cart. 📣X431 PROS V OBD2 scanner has been updated periodically to improve functionality, add new features/vehicles, and fix minor bugs.
  • 👍LAUNCH 2022 Newest Generation Software: LAUNCH Scanner X431 PROS V is the upgraded version/replacement of X431 PROS MINI/ CRP909X, 🥇same functions as X431 V+ 4.0. OE-level Functions access to Asian, European, and the US for ECU coding, resets, relearns, and bi-directional capabilities. 🚩New OE vehicle scanner automotriz approved Security Gateway access by FCA certified; Modification for BMW, TPMS Programming, for worldwide vehicle brands, and keep growing.
  • 🔥[KEY PROGRAMMING TOOL + ECU CODING & ECU REPLACEMENT & ONLINE CODING] LAUNCH scanner X431 PROS V obd scan tool support ECU Online Coding and Module Replacement. Easily modify ECU and reveal hidden features for 99% of cars in the market. ECU Replacement obd scanner helps match, learn, code, or even program the newly replaced ECUs on most vehicles. [IMMO Programming]: Clear the information of the lost k^eys, relearn ke^ys and perform the k^ey fob to prevent the car from being stolen.
  • 🔥[OE-Level Bidirectional Scan Tool & 31+ SERVICES(Adaptation/Initialization/Matching) ] LAUNCH X431 PRO V with 31+ service Same as X431 V+4.0 but cheaper. ABS Bleeding,TPMS sensor ID relearn/IMMO/BMS/ETS/Brake/AFS/SUS and more, fix 99% of car diagnostic problems. 👉Full-featured bi-directional control diagnostic scanner for all vehicles can actuate solenoids and actuators for active testing, and send commands to all systems/components to test working status without using the vehicle controls.
  • 🚀[ONE-CLICK FREE UPDATE & FULL SYSTEMS SCAN TOOL FOR 99.99% VEHICLE] Launch obd2 scanner Bluetooth Scanner Download all the latest diagnostic software and fix bugs via One-click Wi-Fi updates(NO-IP Limited). Complete capabilities for codes, live data, active test, ECU information, adaptation, matching, coding, etc. in all available vehicle systems. 🚗150+ vehicle makes across the global OE-level U.S. vehicle coverage as well as Asian, and European coverage from 1996 and newer(Up to 2022).
  • [BETTER HARDWARE, POWERFUL DIAGNOSIS & ANALYSIS] Launch car diagnostic scanner for all cars with 9.0 Android-based, 👍2.4GHz&5GHz dual-band Wi-Fi, 8’’Touch Screen,5000mAh rechargeable battery➤3G ROM, 32+128GB(EXTENDABLE) Configures display options, sets triggers, records and playbacks result with one touch. AutoVIN/Scan VIN for rapid vehicle identification.✔Over 1600+ vehicle models' service & repair information, handbook, repair case, and operation skills are included.
  • [Worry-Free Purchase]: ❶2022 new version genuine LAUNCH scan tool, 7-year reliable LAUNCH official authorized store. ❷Online feedback: LAUNCH X431 PROS V can feedback the tricky problems to LAUNCH and then you will get help from the professional technology team. ❸5-year quality assurance, 60-day return & replacement policy, 24/7 after-sales service. ❹Any issues, please message to after-sales
  • [Extended Modules For More Vehicle Inspections] X431 PROS V can cooperate with extended modules to exert greater value.①X-431 ADAS: Operate ADAS calibration.② X431 PRO G3: Perform read-write function for vehicle key. ③X431 TSGUN: Active, relearn and program TPMS sensors. ④BST360: Check SOH of battery, discharge capacity and ignition capacity. ⑤Videoscope: Check unseen parts of the engine, fuel tank, braking system. ⑥WiFi Printer: Print diagnostic data or report. Note: (needs to buy additionally)

Part Number: X431 PROS V TPMS

Package Dimensions: 16.8 x 14.7 x 6.6 inches