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IMAYCC 80cc Bicycle Engine Kit 2-Stroke Motor Bike kit Fit for 26" 28" Bikes 2-Stroke Petrol Gas Bicycle Motor Kit (Silver)

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Color: Silver


  • 🏍️🏍️Converting bike to Motorbike: This product includes all the parts and accessories needed to convert an ordinary bicycle into a gasoline-powered motorcycle. Do it yourself, or you can experience the assembly process with your partners and enjoy it. Upgrade the bike update to a motorcycle.
  • 🏍️🏍️Bicycle 26 & 28 inch: The bicycle engine kit is designed for users who want to retrofit and upgrade a bicycle. Suitable for most 26" and 28" bicycles with V-frames, such as Mountain bikes, Road bikes, Gravel Bikes, Beach bike etc.
  • 🏍️🏍️Lubrication Oil & Speed: Mixing Ratio of Fuel and engine Oil: 16:1 for new equipment, 20: 1 the run-in period (after running 500km). Driving on a smooth road at a speed of 20-25Km/h, fuel consumption of 2-2.5L per 100Km.
  • 🏍️🏍️80 cc bicycle motor kit: Come with a complete engine kit, 2-stroke 80cc single cylinder gasoline engine and a 2.5L fuel tank. The engine power/speed is 2.1Kw/5000rpm, so you can enjoy a faster riding speed, The upgraded bicycle has better durability and supports long-distance riding. Make it easier to use outdoors.
  • 🏍️🏍️Easy to use & Warranty: The user's manual contains detailed assembly steps and parts list. The assembly can be completed in an hour by following the manual steps. One year warranty with free replacement of defective parts. If you have any questions about the product or assembly, please feel free to contact us.

Part Number: IMAYCC

Details: HOW TO INSTALL THE MOTOR  ENGINR KIT ON A BICYCLE We suggest that you,d better install the motor on 26" or 28" bicycle.  Installation process: 1.Fix the chain wheel assembly on the bicycle rear wheel: All parts are fit on the side without original bicycle chain. Please keep original bicycle chain without any changes. Fit over the clamping rubber (no cutting one) on the rear axis (outside of Stcelwheel spoke) first, then fit over the chain wheel, keep chain wheel concave side close to outside clamping rubber. Fit over the other outside clamping rubber (with cutting one) on the rear axis (inside of steel wheel spoke). Keep the two rubbers clamping tightly on each side of steel wheel spoke. Then keep the big and small clamping board close to the clamping rubber (inside of steel wheel spoke), screw and make the chain wheel assembly tightly on rear wheel. Please pay attention to keep pulsating up to 1mm between radial and axis of the chain wheel and rear axis. 2.Fix the motor on the bicycle frame. Inosculate the crankcase circular are with bicycle frame then fix it. The center line of cylinder is normally incline forward about 20. 3.Fix the chain and adjust the degree of tightness use idler pulley. 4.Fix the protecting casing. 5.Fix the vent-pipe. 6.Fix the accelerograph control set on the right hand of bicycle. Fix the clutch control set on the lfet hand of bicycle. 7.Fix the oil tank at the crossbeam of bicycle and connect the oil tube to carburetion oil inlet.

EAN: 0688529114301

Package Dimensions: 17.0 x 17.0 x 8.0 inches