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Ebike KT D12L PAS Pedal Assistant Sensor Electric Bicycle Waterproof Connector 12 Magnets Easy to Install, Detachable for Kunteng Conversion Kit Parts

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Color: KT-PAS-D12L-WP


  • 1. Product: This is the KT-D12L pedal assist sensor, the plug is a 3pin waterproof plug. After installation, connect the controller and adjust the displayed gear, it can save energy for you when pedaling and provide stable pedal motor power.
  • 2. Features: Made of high-quality materials, durable, not easy to wear, and has a long service life. Works with 12V-72V voltage as well as most electric bikes. With 12 signal outputs, the booster response is fast and the accuracy is good. Strong waterproof and high reliability.
  • 3. Installation: It is installed on the left side of the crank, which is very convenient to install. The two magnetic steel discs and circlips of the D12L are removable, so you can install them without removing the original crank. Just insert the two magnetic steel discs removed, and then fix them with a snap ring. Note that the distance between the installed magnetic point and the sensor is 3-5mm, otherwise it will not work
  • 4. Parameters: If the magnetic dot does not work, you need to adjust the parameters of the display (adjust according to the correct parameters in the display manual). If you are using a KT display of the same series, please adjust the parameters from C1 to 7
  • 5.After-sales: This product has a 6-month warranty. If you have any questions or unclear places during use, please feel free to consult us.

Details: Troubleshooting:(1) It must be ensured that the connection between the motor and the controller is firmly connected.(2) Adjust the position of the magnetic block to the sensor, and the control distance is between 3-5mm.(3) Make sure the inner core of each plug is not damaged/broken/bent.(4) The waterproof joints are tightly connected, (the waterproof joints are connected tightly according to the arrow)(5) Please adjust the pedal assist sensor parameters through the display. (If you are using a KT display, adjust the C1 parameter to 7)(6) If the above troubleshooting does not solve your problem, please check whether your line sequence is consistent with ours. If it is inconsistent, you can modify it yourself.Our store has been in business for over nine years. As an original manufacturer, our products are inspected many times. The high-quality production process ensures the quality of the products. The products shown to you are all high-quality products that have been tested by the market.If you have any questions or difficulties about our products during use or installation, you can contact our customer service, you will enjoy the high-quality service guided by the factory: professional product knowledge and sufficient practical experience can help you solve all problems.Rest assured, I will help you with a six-month warranty and three-year related product recommendations.Please note that our warranty does not cover:1. In normal use of this product, slight scratches, marks or stains will not be affected;2. Damage caused by human factors: such as violent use, unauthorized disassembly, etc.;3. Damage caused by external factors: such as traffic accidents, bad weather and other force majeure factors;

EAN: 0784137414250

Package Dimensions: 4.5 x 3.7 x 1.1 inches