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DUTUI Fitness Equipment Indoor Smith Machine Multi-Function Combiner Bench Press Rack Weightlifting Barbell Smith Squat Machine

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Brand: DUTUI


  • [All-in-One Fitness Equipment]With multiple fitness exercises to strengthen and strengthen your core, thighs, arms and legs. It is a combination of a Smith machine, pull-up rod, cable divider and leg developer.
  • [For Thighs and Legs Training]Strengthen your upper body muscles with press bars and cable crossovers, and strengthen your lower body muscles with leg exercisers. Bottom pulley and leg trainer allow you to target hams, quads and glutes.
  • [For Different Body Parts]For the chest and shoulder area, you can do some cross exercises with the steel plane cable system, pull-up bars and cross pulleys.
  • [Full range of strength exercises available]The exercise table has a padded seat that can be adjusted to many different positions, and also has adjustable safety stops and bar buckles.
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