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Century The Original Wavemaster Training Bag (Red)

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Brand: Century

Color: Red


  • Fills with sand or water
  • Weighs about 250 pounds when filled
  • Round base means unit can be rolled away
  • Bounces back quickly
  • Seven height adjustments between 47" and 68"

Binding: Sports

model number: 10162-009-015

Part Number: 10162-900215

Details: Offering the benefits of a heavy boxing bag but without the inconvenience of hanging said bag in your house or garage, this sturdy free-standing bag lets you concentrate on working out instead of worrying which ceiling beam might be strong enough to hold it. The base fills with sand or water and the bag weighs about 250 pounds. It bounces back quickly when socked and can be set to seven different height adjustments depending on the height of the individual pugilist. Product Description Have you ever wondered how the original (and still most popular!) freestanding bag came to be? Once upon a time, if you wanted to train on a bag, you needed to hang it. This meant drilling holes in your ceiling or wall, or investing in a hanging bag stand. Although all these options are fine and dandy in some situations, sadly, they don’t work for people with limited space, those who can’t/don’t want to drill into their walls, or those who need to use one room for multiple purposes and therefore can’t have permanently affixed bags. We decided that was no good. So, we made the Wavemaster! This freestanding bag can be used for the same types of training as a traditional heavy bag, but with several advantages! First, the Wavemaster can be easily moved! Just tip it onto the side of the base and roll it. Even when it is fully filled (use sand or water, and it weighs up to 250 lbs.), it’s a one-person job. Second, it’s simple to set up! Once it arrives at your door, all you have to do is: 1) take it out of the box, 2) set up the base, 3) fill the base with your choice of heavy substance, 4) put the bag onto the base. The end! No special tools, equipment, or skills needed! Not to mention, the Wavemaster is adjustable! There are seven height settings, from 47” to 68”, so whether you’re working oblique kicks or head kicks, you can use the Wavemaster. The bag section of the Wavemaster is 24” tall with a 19.5” diameter. Available in Black, Blue or Red Wavemaster is a registered trademark of Century, LLC. U.S. Patent #5,624,358 **Note that there is an additional shipping fee of $15.00 for this item.

EAN: 0616316178199

Package Dimensions: 47.5 x 24.0 x 16.2 inches