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Caffeine and Kilos

Caffeine and Kilos, Clearly Caffeine, 150mg Caffeine, Naturally Flavored for Smooth, Clean Energy, 0 Calorie Energy Drink Mix (30 Servings, Vanilla)

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Brand: Caffeine and Kilos


  • 150MG OF CLEAN CAFFEINE – Receive 30 servings of 100% naturally flavored caffeine supplement powder. Clearly Caffeine features all-natural caffeine - No additional stimulants, No artificial coloring, No artificial flavoring
  • ALL-NATURAL FORMULA – Each serving contains 150 mg of natural caffeine with no added junk. Get the clean boost of energy you are looking for without any added sugars or creamers - Each serving is 0 calories
  • CLEAN SUSTAINED ENERGY – Use our natural energy supplement as a morning coffee alternative, pre workout drink, or just as a daily energy focus booster. No more large caffeine pills or nasty caffeine gummies - Delicious, natural watermelon flavor that you will love
  • ENERGY WITHOUT THE CRASH – Smooth, sustained energy that will never cause you to crash halfway through your day. Each serving will provide you with 4-5 hours of clean energy to take your day head on
  • EASY TO MIX – Clump-free energy powder formula that will easily mix with water. Can be stirred in a glass or used in your shaker cup. No large clumps of powder that cause your energy drink to be unpleasant

Part Number: C&KCCV

Details: A caffeine only pre-workout. 150 mg of caffeine per serving, and no other stimulants. Clearly Caffeine is an all-natural caffeine and energy supplement that will provide you with smooth, clean energy so you can power through your day. Works great as a coffee or energy pill alternative and can even use it as a natural pre-workout drink. No jitters, no shakes, no problems. Just the clean boost of energy you are looking for in a caffeine supplement. Each serving contains 150mg of caffeine so you can get the same effects from a cup of coffee but without the nasty coffee breath afterwards! Need a little midday pick-me-up? One-scoop is all you’ll need to finish your work day or workout strong. Best of all, is it super easy and simple to mix. Will never clump -- whether you stir or shake it.

EAN: 0810058037015

Package Dimensions: 3.0 x 2.7 x 2.6 inches