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Autel MaxiLink ML629 2022 Newest OBD2 Scanner - Car ABS SRS Engine Transmission Diagnostics with AutoVIN, Full OBDII Functions, Upgraded Ver. of AL619/ ML619/ AL629 for DIYers Professionals

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Brand: Autel

Color: Grey


  • 👍【For DIYers and Home Mechanics】Obviously there is a problem with the engine, but your OBD2 scanner tells you “No Codes”? You may have run into “non-OBD2 codes”. Autel diagnostic scan tool ML629 can save you the headache! Besides the complete OBD2 functions, you can use ML629 scanner to read/clear codes on the 4 most important car systems (ABS, SRS, Engine & Transmission) and directly see what they mean, no need to guess. Anyone who has a car knows it’s well worth the price!
  • 👍【4 System Diagnostics】Unlike old scanners, besides reading OBDII standard codes for emission-related issues, ML629 scan tool can test complete engine, transmission, ABS and SRS modules, so you can read enhanced (manufacturer) codes to quickly locate the problem areas, clear the codes and turn off the related warning lights (MIL). 🚦📢👉NOTE: ABS/SRS/Engine/Transmission Scan does NOT work on Newer vehicles. Compatibility vary from car makes. Pls send VIN(17 digits) to check before order.
  • 👍【Full OBD2 Functions】Only a scanner equipped with full OBD2 capability will help you most effectively! ML629 scanner can perform ALL 10 modes of OBD2 tests on vehicles to check emission conditions, including: read/clear codes, view live data, freeze frame data, vehicle info, check I/M readiness status, O2 monitor test, on-board monitor test, EVAP leak test, modules present. A great choice to make a full check for your emission-related issue and avoid a bad fine!
  • 👍【Read/Clear Codes, Reset MIL】Is there anything more annoying than a warning light popping up on your dashboard? When the faults occur, these four kinds of MIL, Check engine light, ABS light, Airbag(SRS) light, and transmission light, are often turned on and need to pay hundreds of dollars to deal with it. ML629 will help you cost the least: read codes on the four systems to tell you why these lights are on and about what it's going to cost to repair, and clear codes to reset the lights.
  • 👍【Ready For Annual Smog Check】If the OBD II Readiness Monitors on your car are not “Ready”, your car may fail the smog check. ML629 OBD2 scanner can retrieve I/M Readiness status to check the monitors like misfire monitor, fuel system monitor, comprehensive components monitor, catalyst monitor, O2 sensors, EVAP, etc, to help your car ready pass the annual smog check. That way you won't waste time and money on a failed smoke check.
  • 👍【DTC Lookup & OBDII Live Data Graphing】Designed with a built-in DTC library of 7000 DTC definitions, ML629 can quickly search for the code you want to know. ML629 can view OBDII live data of multiple sensors and components in text and graph to quickly pinpoint bad parts or faults, e.g: viewing the change of the 02 sensors in the graph mode enable you to locate bad sensors in a few minutes. Also it records the data for later review and prints it out via Windows-PC to share it with mechanics.
  • 👍【Wide Coverage & Multi-language Menu】For OBDII Functions, ML629 works on cars US post 1996, EU post 2006 and Asian post 2009. For ABS/ SRS/ engine/ transmission diagnostics, supports 30+ US, EU and Asian car makes, year up to 2014/2015. Functions limited by manufacturers, not for newer cars. English pre-installed, if need Spanish, pls contact us with S/N(12 digits, on the back of device) to free unlock languages. 🚦📢👉If any functions concerns, contact us via: 🚘auteldirect @ outlook . com🚘.
  • 👍【One-Year Warranty & Lifetime Free Update】Autel ML629 auto scanner comes with lifetime FREE software updates and technical support. It is backed by 30 Days REPLACEMENT or FULL REFUND, 12 Months warranty from defects after-sales services. 🚦📢👉Note: No scanner can work on all cars. If you are interested, please contact us via 🚘auteldirect @ outlook. com🚘 to confirm the compatibility.

Binding: Automotive

model number: MaxiLink ML629

Part Number: ML629

Details: Autel MaxiLink ML629 es un escáner de diagnóstico versátil que también tiene funciones OBD2: leer códigos, códigos claros, datos en directo, datos congelados de fotogramas, recuperar el estado de preparación I/M, prueba de monitor O2, prueba de monitor a bordo, prueba de componentes, recuperación de información del vehículo, módulo presente y búsqueda de DTC, pero también puede diagnosticar los sistemas de ABS, SRS, motor y transmisión. Con esta herramienta de diagnóstico, puede ver datos de diagnóstico en vivo en texto y gráfico y acceso instantáneo a las definiciones de DTC almacenadas en la biblioteca de DTC para un diagnóstico eficiente y preciso. Características: 1. Lee, almacena y reproduce datos en directo del PCM y los datos del sensor en vivo 2. Recupera la información del vehículo (VIN, CALID y CVN) 3. Vistas congelar datos de fotogramas) 4. Gráficos tarjeta de memoria .TF para copia de seguridad de datos y actualización de software 5. LCD de 2,8" con resolución 320X240 6. Actualización de Internet a través de USB 7. Imprime datos a través del PC Especificaciones: Pantalla: LCD de 2,8 pulgadas (320 x 240 ppp). Conectividad: USB mini 2.0 OBD II DB15. Temperatura de funcionamiento: 14.0 °F a 140.0 °F. Temperatura de almacenamiento: -4.0 °F a 158.0 °F. Alimentación externa de 8,0 a 18,0 V alimentación suministrada a través de la batería del vehículo

EAN: 0849438001841

Package Dimensions: 10.6 x 7.5 x 3.4 inches

Languages: English