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92249 520900 232794 suburban atwood Water Heater Element,For GC10A GC6AA GCH6 520789 232794 SW4/6/10/12/16 Series,RV SW Camper Series Electric Water Heater 1400-1440W 110/120V 6-10Gallon.1 YR WARRANTY

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Brand: Casmer


  • Product Specifications: 92249 atwood Heater Element,520900 suburban RV SW camper series electric water heater 1400-1440W, 110/120V,with 6-10 gallon1.Suitable for use with most Camper Travel Trailer RV water heater element for water heaters. Capable of allowing you to wash dishes and shower with hot water,hot water heater elements for rv heats up quickly, saves energy, is easy to replace, and the element is constructed to screw in and perform routine maintenance in minutes.
  • For atwood Rv Water Heater Heating Element Models: atwood GCH6-4E GCH6-3E GCH6-6E GCH6-7E GCH6A-7E GCH6A-8E GCH6A-10E GCH10A-2E GCH10A-3E GCH10A-4E GC6A-7E GC6AA-7E GC6AA-8E GC6AA-9E GC6AA-10E GCG6A- 9E GC10A-2E GC10A-4E G6A-3E G6A-4E G6A-6E G6A-7E G6A-8E GH6-3E GH6-4E XT series. Replace 91160 9209,see our pictures or contact us for details,we will give you the most professional help.
  • For suburban Rv Water Heater Heating Element Models:suburban SW4 Series:SW4D SW4DE SW4DEL,ect SW6 Series:SW6D SW6DE SW6DEL SW6DELC SW6DEM SW6PE SW6DELR ,ect SW10 Series:SW10D SW10DE SW10DEC SW10DEL SW10DELC SW10DEM SW10PE SW10PER SW10VE ,ect SW12 Series:SW12D SW12DE SW12DEC SW12DEL SW12DELC SW12DEM SW12PE SW12PER SW12VE,ect SW16 Series:SW16D SW16DE SW16DEC SW16DEL SW16DELC SW16DEM SW16PE SW16PER SW16VE,ect ,see our pictures or contact us for details,we will give you the most professional help.
  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY:92249 atwood heater element,which meet OEM standards, are strictly inspected at the factory.For 92249 atwood heater element offer a 1 YEAR WARRANTY strive to provide quality products and services to every customer. Any mismatch or quality problem, we provide you with free replacement or refund. (The brands mentioned here represent compatibility only)
  • Premium Alloy: 92249 atwood heater element and 520900 suburban RV SW camper series electric water heater components made from a high performance 316 alloy,it resists corrosion and mineral buildup and can withstand higher temperatures than typical RV water heater components, maximizing the life of the water heater, reducing breakdowns,energy saving.This water heater element is ideal for RVs, campers, travel trailers, etc. that are prone to hard water problems.

model number: 92249

Part Number: 92247

Details: 92249 atwood Heater Element 91160 atwood Heater Element 92097 atwood Heater Element Product specification: 1400W, 110/120V, Screw In Type Applicable Model: (hot water heater elements for RV/Camper/Motorhome) GCH6-4E GCH6-6E GCH-6-7E GC6A-7E G6A-6E G7A-7E G6A-8E GCG6A-7E GC6AA-8E GCGC6A-9E GCH10A-2E GCH20A-3E GC10A-2E GC10A-3E G6-3E GH6-3E GH6-4E G4A-4E GCH6A-10E GC6AA-10E GCH10A-4E GC 6AA-10E XT series. The rv water heater element is compatible with the model of the pilot water heater: GC6AA-7 GC6AA-7P GC6AA-8 GC6AA-8P GC10A-2 GC10A-2P If you are not sure whether it is compatible with your atwood water heater element. Please contact us, we will give you the most professional help. Installation Steps: 1. Disconnect the rv water heater element from all power and water sources. 2.Open the hot water faucet in the kitchen and bathroom heated by the rv water heater heating element,release the pressure in the water tank, and wait for all the water in the tank to drain. 3. Remove the burner assembly tube in rv water heater heating element. 4. Remove the screws from the 92249 atwood heater element cover and remove. 5. Unscrew the wire from the rv water heater heating element with a Phillips screwdriver. 6. Use rv water heater heating element. You can search "92249 atwood heater element" and other keywords on YouTube to query relevant installation videos. Matters Needing Attention: 1. Non original products. (Our products 92249 atwood heater element have been strictly inspected and conform to OEM standards. All brands mentioned here are just to prove compatibility) 2.Additional hexagonal extension sleeves may be required to assist in removal and installation when replacing the 92249 atwood heater element. 3. During 92249 atwood heater element installation, please disconnect all power supplies and drain all water from the water heater. 4. ONE YEAR WARRANTY. If you have any about 92249 atwood heater element quality problems within one year, you can contact us. We will reissue or refund your money within 12 hours.

Package Dimensions: 13.3 x 2.5 x 2.0 inches