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(1 Set) Universal Replacement Rear 110/50-6.5 Tire and Tube Set - Fits Most 38cc, 47cc, and 49cc Mini Pocket Bikes - Compatible with MTA1/MTA2, GP-RSR, and More - Angled Valve Stem for Easy Inflation

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Brand: AR-PRO


  • UNIVERSAL REPLACEMENT REAR 110/50-6.5 TIRE AND TUBE SET - Save time and money with this high-quality and reliable replacement rear mini pocket bike tire and inner tube set. This is a suitable replacement for 10.6 inches mini pocket bike tires with widths of 4.33 inches and 6.5-inch diameter rims.
  • FITS MOST 38CC, 47CC, AND 49CC MINI POCKET BIKES - 6.5 inches is one of the most popular rim sizes for mini pocket bikes, mini dirt bikes, e-bikes, electric scooters, and more. Most of these bikes use a 90/65-6.5 front tire and tube and a 110/50-6.5 rear tire and tube.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH MTA1/MTA2, GP-RSR, AND MORE - This tire and tube set is compatible with an array of mini pocket bike brands and models including: CAG Lucky 7, Cycleboard Rover Gen2, GP-MX3, X-Treme XP-700/XP-489, MotoTec MT-MB Mini Bike, Motovox MBxXSe Micro-Mini Bike, Monster Moto MM-eRCH, Cali 40cc Pocket Bike, Jetson Junior, and more.
  • EXPLOSION-PROOF INNER TUBES - We don’t compromise when it comes to your safety and comfort. Enjoy a comfortable ride without the fear of explosive punctures down the road. Our line of replacement inner tubes has built-in self-sealing capabilities that create instant airtight seals around puncture holes, allowing you to pull over safely for an emergency repair.
  • SHALLOW-SIPED STREET TREAD FOR BETTER WET WEATHER TRACTION - This is the classic tire tread design for pocket and mini bikes and for a good reason. The shallow sipes provide better traction, a smoother ride, and more even tread wear. Street tread sipes really stand out with their superior snow and wet traction. Not only that, but shallow sipes are also proven to provide better water evacuation during heavy rains for lesser risks of hydroplaning.

Part Number: 110/50-6.5 IT

Details: 110/50-6.5 Mini Pocket Bike Tire Features ●Made of premium-quality and all-weather tire rubber and tread rubber compound ●Shallow-siped street tread for better snow and wet traction. The well-designed sipes also effectively prevent hydroplaning ●Durable and wear-resistant tire treads. Effectively prevent tearing and chunking even in high speeds and uneven terrains ●Even tread wear to maximize tire lifespan ●Minimal tread squirm and low rolling resistance ●Easy no-tool installation 110/50-6.5 Mini Pocket Bike Inner Tube Features ●Made of premium-quality butyl rubber compound ●4x thicker than average inner tubes ●Superior shock and vibration dampening properties ●Explosion-proof and self-sealing ●Evenly molded for uniform inflation and excellent air retention ●Will retain structural integrity even after repair and reinflation ●Weatherproof and can be stored for months without deteriorating ●TR87 angled valve stem for easy inflation (30 max psi) Angled Valve Stem For Easy Inflation Frustrated about skinning your knuckles when attempting to latch the air chuck? The reinforced angled/bent metal TR87 valve stem will make inflation a breeze and you won’t need flexible hoses or adapters! This valve stem fits .445 inch to .641 inch rim holes. The vulcanized rubber base ensures each stem will seat securely in the inner tube wall, preventing leaks and tears from developing. OEM-Quality for Less Cheap yet high-quality, our line of replacement tires and inner tubes follow OEM standards for product quality - even exceeding specifications on product durability and performance. Save time and money from constant tire and tube replacements while also saving money upfront. For a fraction of the individual cost of name-brand universal replacement mini pocket bike tires and tubes, you can get a highly durable and efficient tire and tube set!

EAN: 0810071110467

Package Dimensions: 10.0 x 10.0 x 4.5 inches